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Law On The Establishment Of Extra Ordinary Chambers In The Courts Of Cambodia For The Prosecution Of Crimes Committed During The Period Of Democratic Kampuchea

The senate of Kingdom of Cambodia finished their debate on Monday the 15th January 2001 by 11: 45 .AM.

The law, which sets up the establishment of extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia for the prosecution of crimes committee during the period Democratic Kampuchea. The purpose of this law is to bring to trial senior Khmer Rouge leaders who were most responsible for the crime and serious Violation of Cambodian Penal Law, International humanitarian law and custom and others international conventions.
The hot debate were centralized on the former leader, IENG SARY who were granted amnesty from the king. " No one about the law and this law is not for any particular person ", H. E SOK AN expressed after the opposition senate member raised the question more concerned on IENG SARY case.
This Senate's passed law ( 51 votes on 51) will go back to national Assembly for submittance to constitutional council and king for approval then the Government of Kingdom of Cambodia as H.E SOK AN head in this task will sign a memorandum of Understanding with the U.N
The table of The outcome as senators adopted

Senator present

Vote for (ye)



54 54
chap II 51 51
chap III 51 51
chap IV 51 50
chap V 51 51
chap VI 51 51
chap VII 50 49
chap VIII 50 50
chap IX 50 50
chap X 51 50
chap XI 50 50
chap XII 51 51
chap XIII 51 51
chap XIV 51 51
chap XV 51 51
chap XVI 51 51
chap XVII 51 49
chap XVIII 51 51
chap XIX



In general, for as a proposed without any change. The full Senate as 51 senators Present  voted for 51/51 without any change or altered.