The good time, the bad time, Cambodian has been as the same as the others nation of the world. The " great Compromise " through the summit meeting is taking place under the king Samdach Preah karona Prah Bath Samdach Norodom Sihanouk voromann's Chairmanship, on 12th to 13th November 1998 in between CPP and Funcunpec. This Summit made a turning point of .Cambodian political history

This chronology follows by the pictures (Click) it will tell a lot of changing course power shifting.


05-07 Sept.1998 : Siemreap Informal Meeting under chairmanship of King Sihanouk, attended by representatives of CPP, FUN and SRP on election conflict and gov't formation.
16 Sept.1998 : Ranariddh leads a delegation to meet King in Siem Reap.
17 Sept.1998 : Sam Rainsy leads a delegation to meet King in Siem Reap.
22 Sept.1998 : Summit meeting of three parties leaders in Siem Reap under chairmanship of the King--to convene the opening session of new assembly.
24 Sept.1998 : New parliamentarians swear in front of Angkor Wat. 121 MPs attended, except Son Chhay.
29 Sept.1998 : Representatives of three parties meet at Chea Sim's cabinet to solve conflicts of election, but no agreement.
05 Oct.1998 : King returns to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap after 7 months absence from the capital. He came from Beijing to Siem Reap on April 11, 1998.
05 Oct.1998 : Representatives of the three parties meet for 2nd time at the same venue, but no agreement.
06 Oct.1998 : Chea Sim and Hun Sen meet king in royal palace ( content of the meeting was not reported)
09 Oct.1998 : Representatives of the three parties meet for 3rd time, but still no agreement.
11 Oct.1998 : Opposition proposes summit of 3 parties' leaders outside Cambodia: Tokyo, Beijing, Paris or Bangkok.
22 Oct.98 : Hun Sen announces 7-point policy to resume Ung Huot and Hun Sen's gov't.

     1.Continue 8-point policy,

     2. All gov't bodies continue to work as normal,

     3. Combat corruption, kidnapping, drug and smuggling,

     4. Water reform,

     5. Encouraging investors,

     6. Management of budget and fiscal affairs,

     7. Reform judicial system,

24 Oct.98 :

Machimura meets Hun Sen. Hun Sen offers 2-post options for Ranariddh

     1. Supreme advisor to the gov't

     2. Co-president of the National Assembly

25 Oct.98 : King told Komura that he welcomed co-presidents of the Assembly and desired to chair 2nd summit in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.
7 Nov.98 : King reveals his desire to chair 2nd summit in Royal Palace. He ensured safety for Ranariddh and Sam Rainsy.
12 Nov.98 :

Ranariddh agrees to participate in summit in the palace with Chea Sim and Hun Sen.

12-13 Nov.98 : Summit meeting takes place in the Palace, under the king's chairmanship. Agreement is made:

     1. Chea Sim, president of the Senate,

     2. Hun Sen, prime minister,

     3. Ranariddh, president of the Assembly,

     4. Ranariddh joins coalition gov't,

     5. Reintegration of the armed forces,

     6. Assembly commissions: 4+4+1

13 Nov.98 :

King signs decree to amnesty 5 political convicted

     1. Nhiek Bun Chhay

     2. Sin Song

     3. Prince Chakrapong

     4. Prince Sirivudh

     5. Serei Kosal

19 Nov.98 :

Working group of FUNCINPEC and CPP start to meet.

3 commissions for:

       1. Political platform,

       2. Cooperative protocol,

       3. Amendment to the Constitution,

23 Nov.98 :

CPP signs agreement with FUNCINPEC : Chea Sim, Hun Sen + RR and Tol Lah

       1. Political platform,

       2. Cooperation between the 2 parties,

25 Nov.98 : Ranariddh is elected as president of the Assembly in the 1st session of the 2nd legislation. 105/115 supported. 7 against, 1 abstention, 2 invalid.
25 Nov.98 : King Sihanouk signs a royal decree to appoint Hun Sen as Prime Minister.
30 Nov.98 : New gov't composition led by Hun Sen is adopted by the Assembly. Yes:99, No:13, Abstention:3, Void:1. Quorum 116.
25 march 1999 : Senate starts its first session at Chamkamon and swear at the Palace.