Senate Library

How to locate a book

Users Services

The library supports the learning and reserch needs of member and official of the Senate, government officails, Student of University of Law and the general public user.

Date of Establishment
July 2001

Vimeanroth Chamkar Morn, Preah Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh.

Brief Description
Standing at 17 m high, the two storey building occu pies anarea of 1790 sq m. It has a seating capacity of 100.

All the book are displayed on the open shelves have been inserted into the CDS/ ISIS program in order to convernience for searching documents.

000 Genaralities
100 Philosophy & related disciplines
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
400 Language
500 Pure sciences
600 Technology (Applied sciences)
700 The arts
800 Literature (Belles-lettres)
900 General geography & history

Now Arrivals ( in front of classified room)

New additions to the collection of the Library are displayed on the trolley for a week in front of classified room.

Loan Rules
. Loan limit is two items per person
. One month for members and officials of the Senate.
. 15 day for government officials and for the general users.
. Overdue fines per item is 500 riels a day of all the borrowers.
. All the borrowers are members of our Senate library.

These service are available at the Main Loan Counter near the library entrance.


Take your book to clear at the Loan counter.
Show your membership card to our librarian.
Deposit with our Librarian equal to book original fees.


. Return items to our library at the Main Loan Counter, located near the library entrance.
. Take your membership card back and deposit from our librarian.
.Your deposit is not refundable if our librarian consider book is not damaged or losting any pages.


. To claim at the Main Return counter for renewals
. It is easy to renew without the items, via yourself with our librarian
.Maximum of two renewals is allowed.

Damaged / Lost Materiels

. Pay for the cost of damaged/lost item and administrative is non-refundable your deposit.

Loss of Membership Cards

. Report loss of matriculation/ staff/ library card immediately to libtrary staff.
. Members are held reponsible for all loans issued under their names.